Friday, August 20, 2010

Different Insurance rates

Life insurance may burn your pocket more than you expect. But you cannot stay away from it. So let us discuss regarding the ways to save your pocket. There might be many life insurance plans which will meet your various needs. Firstly let us think about " term insurance" . Some financial planners will advocate for permanent life insurance policies. These policies will offer a wide variety of plans and prices. Again some will offer cheaper premium and the investment will be different. Well, you cannot compare traditional investment with the insurance investment. Any withdrawl of money will result in final low amount. People with short term needs to cover a specific debt.

No - Load life insurance policies will have fewer expenses built into them. Few companies will sell no-load or low load policies. These policies can be bought from financial advisors. I will always advice to avoid guranted issued policies if you are healthy. It is purchased by those people who face diffficulties to buy insurance policies due to medical reasons. Here in this case the premium is high and your beneficiaries will not get enough amount comparable to other policies.

It is also important to take care of your health. You will face few problems if you have health hazards. Insurance companies will check your pulse rate, blood pressure, diabetes and other heart diseases. Some companies offer different rates to the smokers and the non smokers. They will taste your urine and saliva. Weight is another major factor for the people who wants ti insure life. If you are overweight then you will be charged in different rates.

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