Friday, September 24, 2010

Increase in the cost of Health Care

There has been a dramatic increase in the cost of the health care in US. Particularly this rise has been occurred during the period of 1980 to 1990. We may bring out the instance that during 1980 Americans spend $250 billion on health care issues. Now this has rise to $1.5 trillion. There many reason behind this. According to many opinion the Americans are now living more and older people certainly needs more health care. At the beginning of the 20th century average Americans had the life span of 50 years. Now in 21st century average life span of the Americans have risen to 70. And 2 people in every 20 people in America are the old man. So there has been more money invested in insurance due to the nearby presence of 10% people in US. When the American join any insurance group the health care rises with the rise risk.

The advance in the medical technology has also increased the cost of the health care and insurance. Complicated and more costly treatment costing the more high insurance rates. These kinds of treatment was not present during the early days of 20th century.

So we find the growth in the health care costs. Americans are always looking for the more costly professionals in the health services. At the end of 20th century 700 million visits were made by the American. Or it can be said that 2.3 visits per person. Today 900 million visits are recorded. So it makes the 3.5 visits per person at the 21st century. So health cost has been increased to a noticeable amount. Thus for common people it is advised to consult with the professional insurance agent who can guide them to get the most suitable insurance with a affordable cost.

Friday, September 17, 2010


The Insurance marketing may be defined as the marketing of the insurance products. It becomes very important for the business of the insurance to make the proper marketing of the insurance products. Now it is important to analyse the type of advertising and the marketing policies may be adopted for the effective marketing for the insurance products. The target market has to be understood. The demographic level of which the insurance company is aiming become s a major matter to discuss. The budget has to be set up which depend on the level up to which the marketing and the promotional activities has to be done.

The insurance companies may think of making online advertising to promote their products. It may be taken as the worth the money spend. The web presence will put the company of the cyber map. The company will get notice throughout the world. In USA nearly eighty percent of people use computer and has the net connectivity, So by the means of interent marketing process the insurance companies will reach the houses of the most people in USA.

Television ads and as well as the print media ads will prove to be excellent base for the insurance marketing. But here there is a major drawback here as the cost of these is high. The expense may cross the total budget allotted for the advertisement.


Life Insurance may be regarded as the contract which occurs with the owner of the policy and the insurer. The insurer has to pay the sum of money if the policy holder becomes ill or faces any kind of unfavourable incident. The policy holder has to pay a certain amount of money which is known as the premium in a particular interval of time interval. In USA at a time certain good amount of money is paid of the insurer dies. The insurer’s health is critically examined during the time of making the policy.

The certain occasions when the insurance becomes important are:
1) Illness of serious nature
2) Death. ( Suicide, war, riot does’nt cover these things)
3) Protection Policies
4) Policies fro investment. Here the major objective is to facilitate to the growth of capital by the investment of premiums paid regulaly

In the certain cases like as suicide the clauses of the insurance becomes null if the insurer commits suicide within a particular specified time which is generally two years. The maturity of the policy occurs when the policy holder attains a particular specified age.( Such for example 90 years). The amount which is provided when the policy holder dies is known as the face amount.
The families of the insurer have an insurable interest.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


One of the most vital part of your business is Business Insurance. Think again what will happen when a fire breaks out in your office and everything is burnt and all your important materials and things are consequently destroyed. Business insurance package is the most important aspect of any kind of business. In the hours of catastrophe only business insurance will help you get out of the situation. It does not matter whether the business has a single owner or multiple owners. But insurance is very important for the safe running of the business.

You are needed to choose the right insurance agent. Every business must have an agent who has ample knowledge to protect you adequately. The agent should be working with such a firm whose policies are comfortable for the business. Another important factor is the honesty of the agent. You should check out the background of the agent.

The agent should be kept informed about the situations and the changes of the business. If the business is growing or changing, you are needed to keep your insurance agent informed. If buy new properties, employ new workers, new equipment etc. you need to inform the insurance agent. A good communication between you and your agent is to be maintained.

Your policy should be of such that even if fire destroys everything you can replace all you have lost due to fire. Such insurance should be done with the stable insurance companies which has good financial records and it is stable economic condition to pay you.