Friday, September 17, 2010


The Insurance marketing may be defined as the marketing of the insurance products. It becomes very important for the business of the insurance to make the proper marketing of the insurance products. Now it is important to analyse the type of advertising and the marketing policies may be adopted for the effective marketing for the insurance products. The target market has to be understood. The demographic level of which the insurance company is aiming become s a major matter to discuss. The budget has to be set up which depend on the level up to which the marketing and the promotional activities has to be done.

The insurance companies may think of making online advertising to promote their products. It may be taken as the worth the money spend. The web presence will put the company of the cyber map. The company will get notice throughout the world. In USA nearly eighty percent of people use computer and has the net connectivity, So by the means of interent marketing process the insurance companies will reach the houses of the most people in USA.

Television ads and as well as the print media ads will prove to be excellent base for the insurance marketing. But here there is a major drawback here as the cost of these is high. The expense may cross the total budget allotted for the advertisement.

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