Thursday, October 28, 2010

Health Insurance Marketplace in Massachusetts

Massachusetts had a government-run health insurance marketplace during last four years. Here the people typically files the paper applications which is for subsidized coverage offered state approved insurers. Small business employees in Utah can go to state web site and can sign up for their insurance over the Internet.

Congressional Budget office has the prediction that by 2020 around 25 million people can have insurance through exchanges. The people who have incomes up to four times the poverty level will be eligible for subsidies. The Utah Health Exchange organizes the market, allowing consumers to compare a wide variety of health plans sold by any insurers that want to participate there.

The costs of medical care and insurance premiums are rising still, and some of the employers are dropping coverage still now. But for that, you should blame the long-standing health care crisis and the current bad economy in the nation.

The health reform is driving up premiums. There have been sharp increases in the premiums in some states, primarily in response to ever soaring medical costs. Some insurers are trying hard to increase their profits before the reform law holds them in check. A few very welcome provisions that take effect early, like requiring insurers to cover preventive care without cost-sharing, will play a minor role in premium increase for next year.

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