Saturday, February 26, 2011

Different Insurance policies

Individuals can buy different types of term insurance policies. The coverage decreases as the age of policyholder gets greater. But with an automatic renewal the policy premium increases each year. Policies can be purchased by different terms. It can be of can be one year, five years, ten years or more. There are few policies that return the premiums paid if the individual is still alive after the end date of the policy. This will get the insurance help. These policies are called return of premium policies .

The potential purchaser should be looking around for the policy that suits his needs and this should be based on his age, health, and financial situation. I will always advise that potential purchasers should be looking for a qualified independent agent who has access to different quotes from several different companies instead of representing only one company. One should purchase policy from those companies that have A or better rating from the major rating firms.
By following my tips and doing some homework on the variety of options that are available in the market a potential applicant should be successful to find a policy which is affordable.

I always suggest to buy a coverage which amounts from five to ten times their annual income. This is very important for the parents who have young children. The return could be used to pay tuition fees and other expenses for children in the future. To pay a premium for term insurance gives parents peace of mind knowing that the family will get the insurance help if something unfortunate happens to the breadwinner of the family.

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