Friday, January 7, 2011

Few problems of having inadequate life insurance cover

One must understand the actual definition and purpose of life insurance policies. Life insurance is not for yourself. It is for your loved ones in your family to continue their life without having to lower their lifestyle. Few people are too concerned with cash bonuses and they opt for those policies which are having a lower sum assured to increase with age. Now if a problem occurs tomorrow, the sum insured will not be sufficient to ensure that the family still has a roof over their heads. So while buying a life insurance policy make sure that the immediate sum insured is sufficient.

Secondly most common mistake you can do is to enter in to a long-term commitment with those companies which are willing to offer leads which are free. Few companies allow you to build up a long-term partnerships which are expected to get the contract documents duly signed or have minimum volume of purchases. Until one is sure that the chosen security policies reap the benefits for you, you do not agree with these companies and you must be trying to sign their contracts which apparently might be as beneficial but in reality it is of losses.

You should always read the benefits but never forget to read the exclusions. Always try to find out more about diseases and conditions which are not covered by the policy otherwise you will get a huge bill. Its advisable not to blindly trust your insurance agent. One must check whether the agent is authorized or not.

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