Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today health insurance scams are very prevalent. The federal government rolls out reforms related to these scams. AARP has warned con artists are trying to trick people by letting them understand that health reform bill makes it compulsory to buy health insurance or else they will be in trouble in front of law. But in truth no one will be falling in any trouble for not having health insurance and the requirement which says that all the Americans must have insurance will be stating from 2014. Not before that time.

These scams generally target elderly and the unemployed people. So all needs to be very alert when someone tries to sell health insurance, discounts, cards, or rebates. Be careful when a door-to-door salespeople tries to sell insurance. You should be never swayed by any salesperson’s sense of urgency or any false threats. Don’t fall in the trap for discount plans or cards which claims to give the discount for your existing medical insurance. Be careful if someone wants to sell you insurance through by the means of Solicitations through fax, email, or phone it’s usually spam.

You should never give personal information, like Medicare information and Social Security numbers to the callers or solicitors who promise new cards, a quick medical rebate, or other kind of benefits. Always avoid giving out personal information over the phone or internet.

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